Wheel of Fortune for Software Publishers

Opportunities for All in the Fastest Growing Industry

Software publishing offers opportunities for all who keep up with changing technology, according to a recent Government report. Employment is projected to increase 68 percent between 2002 and 2012, ranking software publishers as the fastest growing industry in the economy.

Entrepreneurial Marketing Potential

Small publishers also have opportunities to move into sales positions as they gain knowledge of specific products and services. Programmers producing software for accounting, for example, may use that knowledge to sell their products to other firms.

Opportunities for All

Just about anyone can become a Software Publisher with some training and experience. It does not necessarily involve writing or distributing the work of others in the way that book publishers operate.

It is entirely plausible to engage a freelance programmer to produce software for publication. His fee is paid on condition that the copyrights are also passed onto the intending publisher. It is in fact a common practice in the Industry

Employment Prospects

Employment is expected to increase by 68 percent before 2012, more than four times the 16 percent growth projected for all industries combined. Employment in the software publishing industry has more than doubled over the past decade. Despite the recent economic downturn among firms involved in information technology, software publishing is, nevertheless, projected to be the fastest growing industry, according to NAICS.

Return on Investment potential

The greater reliance placed upon on information technology, combined with falling prices of computers and associated hardware, will encourage further investment in applications and systems software to maximize returns on investment. Even in difficult economic times, organizations continue to make investments in software.

Future Growth expectations

Growth will not be as rapid as it was during the previous decade, however, as the software industry begins to mature and as routine work is increasingly outsourced overseas, particularly in countries of south Asia, steady growth is a virtual certainty.

Increasing Reliance of the Internet

Increasing reliance on the Internet, with faster, efficient and secure communication, together with the development of new applications, cements the future for software development and publishing.

The rate at which the software publishing industry is expected to grow, and the increasing integration and application of software in all sectors of the economy, job opportunities should be excellent. Professionals will inevitably find the best opportunities as employers continue to demand higher level skills to keep up with newer technology.

A Shortage of Skills

According to a recent report, computer related industries are expected to continue their rapid growth. This aspect bodes well for specialists engaged within the industry, as a shortage of
professionals and skilled technicians will inevitably result in a corresponding increase in remuneration to attract more and more people into the industry.

Opportunities for New Entrants

Software Publishing will account for a huge growth in wages and salaries within the next few years. The opportunities for new entrants to train for employment, contract work, and even new business start-ups within this sector, can clearly be seen as outstanding.

Positive news too for the United Kingdom and Europe

Similar predictions have been forecast for the United Kingdom and western Europe whose computer service industries will inevitably experience growth linked to the success of computer services corporations in the United States.

The Time is Now

Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities available from so many different sources both in the USA and Europe. Freelance work and contacting opportunities are readily available for those with the necessary skills. The Industry will provide opportunities for all who take advantage of available training now.

© Harry S Richards