Software Topics and Producing Articles for Users and Thinkers

As an online article author I’ve always enjoyed writing articles on computer technology, software, programming, and personal tech. Why you ask? Well, because that is where so much of our new innovation is and perhaps why so many brilliant students are graduating from college and going into those fields. It seems as if we are systematizing the world, and learning of all the great new applications available in this arena of the human endeavor to propel the future of our civilization making it more efficient, stronger, and more productive. Okay so let’s talk about this for second shall we?

There are so many different subtopics you can consider when writing on the subject of software. If you will note each and every day there are more and more articles reviewing various types of software, and mobile apps for instance. There are also tons of cool articles on how to use the software that is available in the most productive manner. Today, it seems no one reads the instructions, and your software no longer comes with a thick book telling you how to use it – most all that stuff is available online, if you care to read it, but most people don’t.

It is interesting that 10-year-olds using a computer seem to learn how to use the software the quickest because they just keep pressing buttons to learn what it does. This is an intuitive way of learning, and it’s much more common than you might imagine, even if you are an adult you do this to some degree as well, and maybe it is teaching you to be of childlike thinking once again, and that’s certainly wouldn’t hurt any of us. It also makes sense if you are writing articles on software to explain how it has shaped our lives, and how the technology has changed all the various industries we are involved with.

There is also an opportunity to write articles which mimic the strategy of white papers using case studies, those are always well read articles and garner lots of traffic. Many of the articles I’ve written on software are perhaps requests for future programmers or software companies – there are things we need software for, but no one has developed yet. You don’t have to use what is available today for very long without wishing it could do something else, some need that you have mind, something specific that you’d like to see it accomplish. Why not write an article on that as well?

You see, after writing hundreds of articles on this topic and all the related topics surrounding it, I see there are even more articles to write in the future, and I can’t possibly write them all myself. I’m going to need a little help from my fellow article authors to spread the word. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.