Software Professionals – Revolutionizing Indian IT

German engineering, Swiss watch, French wine, Danish design, Japanese Electronics are the words humming around across the globe. Well, these are the perceptions in the minds of a common man. And I am sure a day will come when we hear these words, an Indian Software Professional. True, though not a product to boast about, Software Professionals from India have positioned themselves as the best in the world; and the main reason being their brainpower and quality of work. Pretty impressive for a country that just a couple of decades ago and their services were least in demand. This is clearly visible from the great interactive web services and products developed till date; there is at least one Skilled Indian hand working on it. Name it, you have it.

Having said all that, it doesn’t mean to say are living a luxurious life. Facts state that “10% of the Indian software professionals are prone to diseases like CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)”. This could be because majority of Indian are young blooded who tend to work harder and devote more time to their work. With more and more engineering colleges turning out quality engineers every year, we can say supply is more than the demand. So this is the reason for big companies to come down to India and take in for their projects. Truly, a win-win situation for both.

Software Professionalism has turned out to be a boon in India rooting out all caste discriminations. Moreover, have evolved as a Community. In earlier days people used to talk about being a Hindu, Muslim or a Christian, but now 7 out of 10 would speak of being rather than diversifying on the basis of caste and religion. And it has also helped to extirpate the gender discrimination to a larger extent in the major metropolitans.

If India has to become a global power, it can’t be achieved through its military strength, population or its abundant minerals and natural resources, but only possible through its young brain power, its extensive English usage. With the introduction of technology and strong computer programming fundamentals and the desire to learn, Indian professionals have outclassed others in their own way. While whole of the America and Wall Street sleeps, from India give out their services by working on their projects, debug and come out with the effective solutions.

From the world’s perspective India has been a treasure of software professionals to pick from. So it’s time for Indian Software professionals to pull up their sleeves and work towards India becoming a global power by delivering their services in the field of Information Technology. Software professionals who are outstanding in their profession will continue to succeed, but the rest will have a tough competition from their other young Indian counterparts. Anyhow these software professionals have brought a sense of optimism which whole of India has not thought of years ago.