Learn Spanish Software – Learn Spanish Software Review

Learning the best Spanish software is imperative in your quest to speak a new language, listed below are the top ten software programmes.This product is rated as number one. And is given the gold award.

Tell Me More Spanish Premium Edition.

From Auralog.

As far as learning Spanish is concerned it answers all your learning leads. It is designed well, easy to use, and offers a great set of features better than most other software products available. It gives you powerful speech recognition technology, this software allows the computer to recognize what you say, assess your pronunciation and correct your mistakes.
This software has been designed to grow with you as you learn, they give you a great beginner program, and the intermediate and advanced programs are unbeatable.
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Instant Immersion Spanish Deluxe

By Topics.

This is a very powerful software technology with great Audio presentations.
Although using almost the same as Instant Immersion, and also has an intermediate and advanced learning level, with audio cd included, this is a great buy if you don’t want to spend a lot on your Spanish software.

Spanish Before You Know It

by Transparent

On looking at all the flashcard software, Spanish before you know it is one of the best offering you four main selections that give you different levels to increase your Spanish knowledge. You can download this programme down to your pocket pc.

TeachMe! Spanish

One of the simplest systems of any product on the market. , This system is divided into four sections vocabulary, grammar, exercises, and of course pronunciation This programme tells us that if you want fluency you need to build a repertoire of at least 2000 words. And this programme does that and helps with the Spanish grammar

101 Languages

produced by Transparent

This Package includes the Spanish now and vocabulary of the world, one of the simplest systems available. It includes voice recognition, and games, which all goes to teaching you the Spanish language.

Rosetta Stone

by Fairfield Language Technologies

This product has been made to teach you the Spanish language the same way as you learnt English. By by image and word association. This programme also features writing exercises to help you build your writing skills. And speech recognition technology to assist with your pronunciation. Speech recognition technology software allows your computer to recognize what you say, assess your pronunciation and correct your mistakes.

This is simply a few of the best options that has been found after a lot of research, but like everything they may not be what you personally are looking for, they offer value for money, high quality and a range of methods designed to teach you Spanish in the easiest possible way.